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Busted scars cut wide open...

Bleeding hearts drip to the floor.

Sweet Nothings Gone Forever
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Welcome to the bleednxhearts community.

All are Welcome. Join If You Wish.

To get to know you better, we would like you to please fill out the application before posting anything else.By Failing to do so, your chances of being kicked from this community are Greatly increased.

Also Anyone who fails to follow our rules WILL be kicked.

The Application:
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Gender:
5. Relationship status:
6. Hobbies:
7. Name five bands/singers you like:
8. Name a few of your pet peeves:
9. Name three of your favorite movies:
10.Do you like buttons

Although this community is pretty laid back there are guidlines which will be inforced. Please use commen sense.

Do not be Rude to any members or mods
No Racism/nazism
No Making fun of sensitive issues if posted
No Excessive Language

If posting more than one picture or test on one posting or if youre post is long. Put behind an lj-cut.